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On Premises Swingers Clubs

On Premises Swinger Clubs

This is one of the most popular types of swingers clubs because you don't have to leave the club to swing.
Yes, that is right.  You can live out your sexual fantasies right at the club.
So what exactly should you expect when attending an on premises swingers club?
You should expect to find the following:
  • A place to dance
  • A place to socialize
  • Group sex rooms
  • Fantasy/Fetish rooms
  • Private rooms
 Please note:  If you are shy or new to the lifestyle, then I recommend an off premises swingers club.
There are different types of on premises clubs
  •    Commercial Swingers Club - This means the building or location-- is zoned properly and has the ability to have adult activity at their location--.  In some instances, they may have a liquor license and will be able to serve alcohol.  However, some states and county laws will now allow an adult license and a liquor license for the same establishment.  In these states or counties, a bottle club license might be obtained.  A bottle club is a place where you bring your own bottle of liquor, wine or beer and provide it to the club.  The club identifies your bottle by labeling it.  The club will serve your liquor, wine or beer back to your for a fee known as a set up fee.  The club provides mixers like orange juice, cranberry juice, Coca Cola, Tonic, Ginger ale etc. as part of the set up fee.  If no alcohol licenses are obtained for the on premises swingers club, then you will not be able to drink alcohol at that club.  You might want to check nearby location--s as most likely swingers are going there to have a few drinks before they go to the swingers club.  Some places even have a off-premises bar or night club near the on-premises club where you can get an alcoholic drink.
  • Residential house, condo or loft party-  This means the location-- is in a residential neighborhood and most likely not zoned for a commercial swingers club.  To avoid zoning law violations, swingers club owners will request a donation.  You should give at least the minimum suggested donation amount.  You don't have to, but keep in mind that in order for the place to continue to offer you a nice place to go to they need money.  So this is not the time to be cheap.  These types of swingers clubs have high security.  Sometimes you will need to know someone who attends the club to be invited to attend and almost all require a phone interview prior to the location-- being provided.  This is to prevent any non-swingers from finding the location-- and causing problems.  If you know where one of these clubs is located, then take care to keep that information private.  It ensures that the club will be able to screen its guests personally and make sure that the location-- information does not fall into the wrong hands.  The alcohol is usually BYOB and mixers are provided.  Your bottles will be labeled by the club.  

Whether it is a commercial or residential, each club has rules that must be followed.  Here are some examples of on premises swinger club rules.

  1. The number one rule is No means No.  Since sex can occur at this type of swingers club, it is not an open invitation for you to have sex with people who are not interested in having sex with you.  When someone says "NO", then that is the end of that discussion.  Do not try to force or change someones mind.  You would not want someone to do it to you. 
  2. Excessive drunkenness is not allowed.  First, it prevents you from having a good time sexually by not being able to get it up or finish for men and not being able to feel much for women.  In addition, too much alcohol can cause tempers to rise and no one wants to see a fight with words or fists. 
  3. If you are in a group room, you still need to respect the no means no rule.  Before you begin sex with others in a group room, you should make sure the person is okay with you and what you are doing.  A word to the wise, group rooms are not for shy swingers who cannot speak up for themselves about their sexual likes and dislikes because you will be expected to speak up if things are not going the way you want them to go.
  4. Private rooms usually have doors.  If the door is closed, then you may not enter.  DO NOT KNOCK!  If they wanted others to join their fun, then they would have left the door open.  Some rooms have windows.  If you don't want others to watch you, then blinds are usually provided and should be closed. 
  5. Semi-private rooms have beds in different location--s within the same room.  If a bed is in use, then you should ask before joining in the fun. 
  6. Clean up after yourself by changing the sheets and picking up your stuff (used condoms, condom wrappers and clothes).  Some clubs have staff to handle this.   Nobody likes to lay in the wet spot and especially when it is not yours or anyone else in your party. 
  7. Have fun!
Some other common rules.
  • Designated no food and drink areas
  • Bring your own towel
  • Bring your own condom

On premises swingers clubs are for swingers ready to play. 

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