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Swinger House Parties

Swinger House Parties

Swinger house parties are a very intimate and personal way to meet other swingers.  The party size depends on the size of the home, townhome, condo or apartment and the number of people the host wishes to entertain.  An average size house party has 3 to 5 couples or 6 to 10 people.  Usually, the host knows the couples invited very well and they should because they are inviting them to their home.  The type of swingers who have house parties usually consider their guests friends so there is a connection between the guests over and above swinging.  The guests genuinely care about each other, but not in the way of husband and wife.  They care about each other the way friends care for each other. 
What can I expect at a house party?
You can expect to have a very good time. 
These are people you know and they know you.  Occasionally, there might be a new couple, but for the most part everyone knows each other.  So why would knowing the other couples make a difference in swinging?  It makes all the difference.  It allows the "fun" to start much more quickly because you don't have to sit around talking about your sexual likes and dislikes.  You already know them.  You know what turns them on sexually.  The swinging starts early at a house party and sometimes has several rounds of swinging as all the guests desire to be with each other.  In between rounds, there are usually snacks and drinks to keep your energy up. 
Things to know about swinger house parties?
You don't have to swing with everyone at a house party, but you should be willing to swing with them.  If someone is invited to a swing party that you do not wish to swing with, then you should consider not going because it can really ruin the party to have to turn down another couple in such an intimate party.  Don't get me wrong, you don't have to swing with everyone and swingers at a house party know how to say NO.  It is just more enjoyable if everyone enjoys being with all the guests sexually.
Sometimes you just don't have the energy to swing with all the guests at a house party.  This is normal.  Don't worry.  There will be more opportunities for you to attend a swinger house party again later.  I guess what I am saying is don't feel pressure to be with everyone at the party.
Rules for the hosts of a swingers house party:
  • Know the sexual preferences of the guests.  For example, will straight males be uncomfortable with bisexual males present.  What about straight females with bisexual females present?  The last thing swingers want is undesired sexual contact.  Straight women would be very offended if another woman touched her sexually and straight men are even more freaked out by a man touching them sexually.
  • Know the safe sex practices of the guests.  If your group has decided to not use condoms because you know each other are STD free, then be careful inviting anyone new into your group or inviting guests who require condoms.  It definitely puts a kink in your party to hear someone yelling or starting an argument when a man without a condom slips into a woman who requires a condom.  It gets ugly and usually ruins the whole mood of the party.
  • Couples should be easy going and be respectful of other guests.  Ideally, all guests enjoy each other sexually, but in the event that another guest is signaling they are not interested in another guest that should be enough.  No one wants to make a scene or be humiliated.  Try to be nice about it when turning someone's sexual advances down.  This is easily done in a group by moving or adding another person to the mix that you do like sexually. 
  • Guests should know each other or at least be able to friendly and social enough to blend into the group easily. 
  • Swinging experience can be a big one.  Everyone should be at the same swinging level.  This means you may have fairly new swingers with swingers that have been doing it for several years, but they all have to be comfortable with swinging.  Some newbies (new to swinging) never go through a newbie phase, they just jump right in and start swinging.  These newbies are okay.  Newbies who are not sure about swinging might enjoy a house party, but could ruin the mood of the party if they freak out, get jealous or just cannot handle it.   
Rules for guests at a swinger house party:
  • No means No.  While these people are your friends, your friends have rules.  Respect their wishes and do not try anything sexual or stop anything sexual someone has indicated they don't like.  The same goes for you.  You have to let someone know you don't like something. 
  • Respect a guests safe sex requests.  If they request a condom, then use it.
  • If a guest is adamantly straight, then do not feel you can change that.  It only makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Don't feel bad if you don't get to be with everyone at the party.  Sometimes erections don't cooperate or a woman gets sore or time runs out (the sun is coming up!).  There will be other opportunities to do it again.
  • Do ask the host what you should bring.  Some hosts like you to bring your own condoms, alcohol, towels and something to eat while others tell you to bring nothing.  If you require something sexually like lube and/or condoms, then bring them.  
  • Do ask the host who else is coming so you can be ready for the party.  It is sexually exciting to think about being with the other guests who will be attending. 
  • Relax and enjoy the flow of the evening.  These are your friends or soon will be.  You should be able to enjoy each others company.


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