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Swingers Clubs in Syracuse

Central New York Swingers Clubs

This is a list of swingers clubs in Syracuse, Utica, Elmira and Binghamton, NY.
Like Minds CNY (Syracuse Division ofCandlelight Associates
Rochester, NY 
Niagara Falls, NY
Syracuse, NY
Phone: 585-334-8785
Phone for Like Minds CNY (Syracuse swingers club) 315 440 5328
Toll Free: 888 ENTICE 2 (888 368 4232)
For those of you new to the lifestyle or just getting to know about swingers clubs, swinger conventions and swingers travel, you should know that Bob & Angie have all three covered.  Candlelight Associates has monthly events, Entice Swingers Convention is held in Niagara Falls and they plan their own swinger travel group trips. They cater to swingers all over the USA, Canada and anywhere you find swingers who like to travel to Hedonism or swinger conventions. So whether you live in western NY or not, Bob and Angie always have something fun for you. 
Location: East Syracuse, NY 
Welcome to CNY Social Club. We are a hot, new social group that covers western and central New York for socially active people. We are an off premise club that has private parties in a public hotel. We offer a great no pressure atmosphere in which to meet other like minded people. Our parties are themed every month and hope that you will get into the spirit of the theme! Our goal is to provide you with entertainment, fun and great parties! We are confident that you will truly enjoy what CNY Social Club has to offer!  
Location: Syracuse, NY 
Phone: (315) 652-7145 
We are a couples club allowing you to meet other like minded couples and single females. SYRACUSE SOCIAL CLUB is a private club and is not open to the public. We do not allow single men. Feel free to look around and contact us for any questions you might have. Syracuse Social Club hosts dances twice a month at a private discreet location. We are an off premise club for a no pressure fun way to meet other couples like yourselves. Contact us for a invitation to attend one of our dances.  
Location: Utica, NY 
We are a couples club that was founded to bring like minded couples together in a fun, sexy and safe environment. Our parties are not open to the public. No single men are allowed, EVER. We know that discretion is always of the utmost importance to you and that is why we do not openly disclose the location of our venues until you have RSVP'd for an event. Our parties are always a no pressure, no drama environment so that you can be comfortable and let loose that little wildside inside you. If this sounds appealing to you and you want to attend one of our events whether it be a simple meet and greet gathering or one of our hotel based parties, please feel free to contact us on our website.   
Location: Syracuse, NY 
This is a “Private Club” that will host private parties with an INVITE ONLY list. This means that if you are not on the invite list you will NOT be attending the event. There will be no such thing as an uninvited guest attending, you can not “just show up” and expect to get in. Weather you were at a previous event or not… attending an event does not guarantee a return invite. First and foremost… these events are parties… if you “Hook up” at the party; good for you… if you do not... you still attended a fun party with some great people. These parties are small and intimate and will thusly be kept to the "Invite Only" requirement until such time we deem otherwise… So... You ask, How do I get an invite… you can send a request for an invitation to an event. 
Two Locations: 
Elmira, NY 
Binghamton, NY 
Catwalk Fantasies is an off premises party. This makes their parties a great place to meet other swingers with no pressure. There is a hotel on site at the Elmira location and the Binghamton location is at a hotel. So you can get a room for your more intimate sexual pleasure.  
Location: Elmira, NY 
We are the next step. When its time to give up the computer, step out of e-mail and meet face to face, theres no better place than Elmira Meet and Greet. The greets are a great way to safely meet others from SLS...or any other site that you may use to find people. Our attendees come from most all of the websites available online! When you are at Elmira M&G if your not feeling it or they aren't, it's easy to step away and meet with one of the many couples that attend each month. Its not as simple when you meet individual couples out someplace. It's so much more fun than the awkward "well sure we will call you sometime" (as you think to yourself "We got a sitter for this!?") Or worse yet, attempting to get out while the couple looks on expectantly explaining they already paid for the room...We release you from all of the typical pressures associated with meeting other couples...come see for yourself... There are no expectations at the greet....We keep it private for the comfort & discretion of our guests... We are all looking to meet other people with similar interests and to have a great time! We are a low pressure - No means NO - off premise party. Come join us for mingling and dancing ~ you will find the people friendly...the atmosphere delightful & the opportunities limitless! What are you waiting for? Contact us today for more info!  
Location: Elmira, NY 
Phone: 607-207-7257 
Our goal is to bring like minded adults together for local fun. Finger Lake Fantasies strives to bring you the best atmosphere available to meet, dance, drink, eat, flirt and whatever else. 
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