Welcome to Swinger Zone Central 2.0

What is Swinger Zone Central 2.0?

Simply put Swinger Zone Central 2.0 is the future of this website.
We have done a complete re-design of our website from a top down approach.

Our main goals where to incorporated the following items into our new design:

1] Simplicity.
2] Easier Navigation
3] More user friendly
4] Faster overall performance
5] Make it easier to read and thus better on your eyes.
6] Make it more useful to mobile browsers.
7] Make it conform to all accepted standards.
8] Get rid of the clutter
9] Better utilization of the space.
10] Incorporate new technology into our design to better handle the tasks at hand
11] Make all notifications as clear as possible for better call to action.
12] Get rid of the gradients to make the entire website cleaner and clearer.

We believe our new design has done just that.

We know some people are resistant to change and we try to not make major change too often however, sometime change is necessary.

Our main reason was we felt our website has become way to complex over the years.

It always starts out harmless enough.
You add a new feature here and add a feature there and before you know it you have a mess on your hands.

So call it spring cleaning or what ever you want but I think you will come to love it over time. As your webmaster I guess I am a bit biased but other people have also agreed that it is a very welcome change to say the least.

We constantly get emails and phone calls asking us how to do something on our website. Our menu just got way to cumbersome and people get lost and can not find what they are looking for. If you have to go hunting for something then we have not done our job well enough in making our website user friendly.

So, why the long drawn out explanation? Simple this change is going to affect every single page of our website. It is a complex change for us that will happen from your point of view over weeks or maybe even months. We hope it will not take that long but I wanted to make you aware of what this means to you as a user of our website.

It means some pages are going to be using our old format and some pages will be using our new format until we have completed all of the changes.
This will no doubt just add to the confusion when using our website and we apologize for this because it is unavoidable.

We have hundreds of pages and subpages and millions of lines of code that must be painstakingly looked at and re-coded step by painful step to insure we get it all right.

Our plan is to make these changes to our most popular pages first so you will not be thrown back and forth too much doing our transition to our new format.

On a side note our Home page will also be changing in a major way.

We feel it is not really that useful at the moment and we want to make that page a main focal point of our website. After all it is the very first page you see when you login so it should be something that you can really use to meet people. The details on this change has not be fully decided just yet.
We are looking into several options at the moment and we will let you know what we came up with shortly.

So that is it in a nutshell. We are changing and we think it is for the better and we hope you will agree. We hope our new changes knock your socks off or at the very least help to knock your clothes off. Meaning make it easier for you to meet people using our service. We are dedicated to making this website the finest swingers website you have ever seen or used.

- Paul & Ann

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