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photoTHEGROPERS It is too bad and sad that we do not know you. If we did and you lived close we could meet tonight for a spontaneous romp because we like to do things on the "sperm of the moment" but we do not know you. We do not know where you are. We like everything from board games to wild sex but no matter, we do not know you.
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photoSPICEOFLIFECOUPLE But you do know us....... or at least we hope so in the future.
51m 57s ago
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photoSPICEOFLIFECOUPLE What is going on with the wall today? I have seen more ads here than on the highway!!
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photoFUNFORUS2015 Agree, but without the flurry of adds there wouldn't be much else on the wall
5h 45m 59s ago
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photoFUNFORUS2015 Fat fingers. "ads"
5h 27m 44s ago
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photoLOVEANDLUSTFORLIF Love good music and good times? We are a mid thirties, DDF (420 friendly), down to earth couple looking for laid back fun with another like minded couple or woman possibly at Great North on Saturday Sept 5. We will be camping over night and would love to watch, be watched, or soft play that night. She is fully bi and loves to please a woman and be pleased! He is bi curious, and loves long sessions. No BBW please, but we are average and looking for the same. Let's have a few beers, listen to some good music, dance, and see where it goes. Let's share some pics and see if we might all like to create something fun. :)
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photoGOINWILD4306 We are a like minded couple check us out
4h 54m 23s ago
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photoTOGETHER0219 One nore day cant wate. ..going to Brookville to our campsite to boat drink get naked lol..and get it ready for the holidays
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photoDOCFRIES good morning folks...Happy Thursday...we await down here to see what Erica is going to see if she will be wet and wild..or just good at blowing...have a great day..
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photoBILLYBOBTHORNYA Good morning to all. Hope you have a great day ;)=
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photoKENBARBIE who all going to Club Sinday this weekend?
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photoBANDK6766 We will be there tomorrow!!
13h 36m 32s ago
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photoDJSTRETCHANDKITTEN We will be back next weekend.
1h 41m 47s ago
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photoEVARIRUTH Going to New York for Labor Day weekend, accepting suggestions!!! I know definitely Central Park, Niagara Falls, and the traditional touristic sites, but what about safe nightlife??? Thank you Eva
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photoTEAMFUN Niagara falls is quite far from Central Park. What city are you staying in?
21h 23m 12s ago
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photoEVARIRUTH My brother is downtown NY from what I understand.
15h 10m 33s ago
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photoDOCFRIES hi Eva...good to see you....for's all about have China town...Little many amazing places to tantalize your taste buds...enjoy your trip
14h 45m 49s ago
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photoLIBRAGUY I suggest the Labor day Caribbean Carnival. Great food and dancing, a must do if you are there.
14h 39m 52s ago
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photoNAUGHTYKNOTTY It's about a 6.5hr drive from NYC to Niagara Falls... stay in the city! Tour the Statue of Liberty, catch a Broadway show, shop 'til you drop, eat in the finest restaurants... Jean-Georges, Aquavit, Le Cirque...
13h 57m 49s ago
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photoNAUGHTY1S Was in Niagara Falls, Canada this past June. Stayed at the Hilton across from the Casino. Was very nice.
10h 11m 26s ago
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photoXDONTKNOWX Anyone want to end the hump day with a bang
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photoCLUBPRINCETON  WE ARE OPEN EVERY THURSDAY!!!! This is Rachel and Kenny and we are your Host for PRINCETON Event called Princeton's Three Way Thursdays... We want couples that the Lady of the House is Bi-Curious to come on out and meet other Ladies. Yes we want you to throw your hair back and meet other sexually intrigued Ladies that want to explore their feminine side. We are having a Sexoke party with DJ AYO!!!... So bring your voice and your Sexy attitude and we will do the rest... Our parties are getting the word out and are becoming the NEW FRIDAY.. so come on out and see what all the talk is about.... We have Shot Roulette, Shot Jeopardy, BEER PONG... Cards of Humanity... You never know what we are going to do... AND..... Don't forget We have the BEST DJ in the HOUSE DJ AYO......THIS PARTY IS EVERY THURSDAY from now on!!! Soon to a Karaoke Sex bar near you..... Trivia and Door Prizes!!! Come one come all!!! So Don't miss this party!!! We will have more books for you look through to pick your song.. if we don't have it... we will try to get it! So Ladies, start your engines and come on out and bring that man of yours too. We don't want to leave him at home but we sure do want to meet other Hot Sexy Ladies that can make Throwback Thursdays a Special Night of the week that's all ours... Yes Ladies Princeton is saying that Thursdays is ours to keep if we show our support and meet other like minded Ladies... The Party is on the main floor of the club Club... We will have snacks, appetizers and a playlist that will get your motor purring... We can party from 8-1am... Just enough time!!! So call all your friends and make Three Way Thursdays a night to remember. We will have FREE snacks, and mixers (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice, and Pineapple Juice) Bottled water $1.00 Red Bull and Sugar Free Red Bull $3.00 each This event includes a FREE one day membership!!! Do you want to talk with other Princeton members and find out the latest news, info, stories, events, hot members, artists that will be at the club? Princeton Fan Club Register online at for our Event! Please enter your Email Address to make your reservation or pay for event fees. Event Price ~ Get there prior to 9pm and we will take $10.00 off at the door!!! Couple - 35.00 Single Female - 10.00 Single Male - 35.00 VIP Couple - 50.00 VIP Single Female - 15.00 VIP Single Male - 50.00 Out of Town Pass Couple - 35.00 Out of Town Pass Single Female - 10.00 Out of Town Pass Single Male - 35.00 Princeton has a brand new event reservation system that guarantees you a spot at an event, whether you are a Member or an Out of Town Member. In case you are looking at one of our up and coming events but are not yet signed up as a Member, please take a minute to fill out the online application (click here) as it will greatly speed up the process when you arrive. You will be asked to select a one month or one year membership. Then go to the event you want at the very bottom of the event page and place your email address in the reservation box. You may choose 'Pay Now' which goes to our PayPal section or you can pay cash or credit at out Club's Ticket Booth. When you arrive at Princeton your driver's license will be used to identify you and it will help quickly pull up your record and reservations. And remember, it's all about having FUN at Princeton! Register and signup online The Princeton Club | 425 South Princeton Avenue | Columbus, OH 43223 | A Fun and Private Place to Come | 614-275-9861 | Fax: 614-275-9862
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photoCINCYEASTCPL Can we get the cliff notes version for the wall. I quit reading after line 3, cause I saw a squirrel.
11h 44m 13s ago
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photoSPICEOFLIFECOUPLE you did better than me. I lasted one line and said
10h 28m 6s ago
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photoHOTTNHORNY4FUN Happy hump day to all you sexy wallers. Tickets are selling quickly so make sure and buy your tickets to the ALLO Close Encounters party ASAP.
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photoPETERREMINGTON had another great day spanking my bad little girl
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photoCINCYEASTCPL They are so good when they are bad.
23h 46m 42s ago
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photoCINCYEASTCPL If you're in the greater Cincinnati area and like swinging and Texas Holdem come join the "Cincinnati Texas Holdem" group. We hold regular games tournament style with a low buy in and prize money for winners. The Mrs. tries to come up with a fun alternatives for the other half of couples not playing. Please do not request to join the group if you're far away or not interested in playing cards. We are looking for local people that enjoy the game in a swinging meet and greet atmosphere. A couple spots are left for September but are filling fast. 10 player limit.
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photoBANDK6766 Pro tip to everyone, but especially single guys - reading for comprehension is very sexy.
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photoCINCYEASTCPL Hopefully you're not seriously suggesting that profiles should be read. That could cause a swift reduction in emails.
1 Day(s) 7h 46m 54s ago
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photoBANDK6766 They don't even have to read much of ours. At the very top it says "Couples & females". And the first line says we aren't looking for singe guys. So basic grade school reading ability would serve them well...
1 Day(s) 6h 37m 31s ago
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photoJACKANDJILL Pro Tip could be a new wall feature, if certain people would take time to read it ;)~
1 Day(s) 6h 35m 19s ago
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photoDIONYSUS69 Anyone wanna cum play?
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photoDIONYSUS69 502-551-6798 :)
1 Day(s) 11h 31m 35s ago
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photoFREESPIRIT Happy Hump Day all of you seductive wallers :)
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photoBI4UINCINCY Looks like I am officially going to Ft Wayne this weekend. Anyone going to TCC and want to finally meet me...LOL
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photoKINKYDEVILS Happy Hump day everyone! Put a BC up for Saturday looking for a few sexy couples who would like to get away for the evening, this will be the first time hosting OMG does this mean stress out!! Nope just some fun with food and some drinking. If interested in something small and are not hitting a big party but want something to do, hit us up!
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photoAPAJOHIO hello there how are you guys today.... We are Just stopping bye to tell you guys about our casino party Sept 4th next Friday... We want to make sure you know abut our strip poker free food hot tubs lockers patio dance floor ad best of all new friends hop to see you there party starts a 10
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photoCINCYEASTCPL Is this a club Princeton party?
1 Day(s) 10h 31m 36s ago
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photoSOUTHERNGAL15 Can't bet a southerngal cooking up a mess of corn to freeze and making zucchini bread first thing in the morning....yum
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1 Day(s) 13h 35m 10s ago
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23h 45m 32s ago
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photoBILLYBOBTHORNYA HAPPY HUMP DAY!! Now get busy and have a great day ;)=
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photoDIONYSUS69 I am wanting to have an orgy the weekend after next. I'll have a couple lady friends with me. Any sexy couples and singles wanna join the fun? :)
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photoPOOLBOI125 Is there no one from south Florida on this site????????
1 Day(s) 22h 44m 6s ago -    Only show posts by this user
1 Day(s) 22h 38m 54s ago
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photoSNOOPY502 Lol!!! We could be there in 2 days!!!!! If... We had the vacation time!!!!!
1 Day(s) 22h 31m 35s ago
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photoLADYNRED will be this week
1 Day(s) 14h 46m 0s ago
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photoDANTHEDJ Hey anyone going to Reel One this Friday? My partner and I are looking for a Sponsor. Hit me up if you are willing to sponsor a Gay couple. NSA of course!
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photoCLUBPRINCETON September 19th we are having a "Greek Gods and Goddesses" party! Join us from 8pm to 5am for a toga party!!
2 Day(s) 7h 10m 7s ago -    Only show posts by this user

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