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photoCHULITASOL Me and Sophie have a room for the night in Roseland near South bend, wanna play hit us up for info...
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photoMJBAFH Where are all the FUN SEXY boaters at?
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photoCPLINCINCI We are here now but will be at Cumberland as soon as the weather breaks. Can't wait for warm wet summer fun !
2h 25m 48s ago
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photoSWINGERZONECENTRAL Tip of the day:

Today's tip is about your profile.

People seem think it does not mean anything to fill out the profile if you are just going to chat with others and tell them everything anyway.

Well, that would be incorrect. You see your profile says a lot about you. It is your first impression for others to see. I already talked about the importance of the right photo. Face pics are the best but if discretion is a problem you can usually do a body shot or wipe the face.

The rest of your profile is also important too. If you do not fill it out it tells people you are either lazy or do not want to put in any effort.

So, take your time. Be funny, Be fun, Be witty, and above all make it look like you have an education better than a first grader.

In other words. Do not use one word answers. At least make an attempt to use proper grammar and sentence structure. Most browsers have a spell checker built in today. Use it.

Have a little fun with it. Make it look like this is something you want to do. It will show others your just not another notch on the bed post. Make it look like you are the type of people they want to party with, hang with, and be friends with.

Do not get discouraged. It takes time and effort. This is not instant gratification. At the end of the day this is couples dating other couples or a couple trying to add a little something else to their relationship.

Sure, some people are looking for that instant gratification. But, most people including us may be a bit more picky when it comes to having sex with others.

Not everyone is for everyone. Learn to take rejection. It happens to everyone. It is nothing personal. It is all part of this little game called swinging. - Paul

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photoRUMRUNNERS Excellent tip!
3h 20m 2s ago
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photoONTHEBEECH We want to thank everyone that attended the birthday bash last night. Despite the efforts of a bitter person we still had a huge crowd of party people. The party got started shortly after 7 and only slowed down during the late stages of the basketball game and went strong till 2A.M. We are already looking forward to our next one. Could be the best hotel party yet
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photoGOODKNIGHTLIFE1 You guys did a great job!
4h 11m 43s ago
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photoGOODKNIGHTLIFE1 We miss you guys!
4h 11m 21s ago
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photoANNCANGETUOFF I'm happy that everything turned out good! I know how excited you were about your birthday bash. I can't believe "that" person couldn't see how that call affected AND almost ruined the birthday girl's plans - that's so uncool, turning 30 is a special year. There still may be repercussions from that selfish act. It was a good thing that her boyfriend dumped her; who knows what else she would have tried to do to him. I hope when SHE has her next birthday and is looking forward to going out to celebrate, what she did hits her full force.
3h 30m 41s ago
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photoGOODKNIGHTLIFE1 As we head into the long week before getting some play time just remember this........I know right from wrong. Wrong is the fun one!!
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photoTWIZZ78 Looking forward to hopefully an eventful night tonight here; as well, to watch the second show of Neighbors on A&E. Curious to see how it will be played out and the ls portrayed.
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photoANNCANGETUOFF I caught the first episode by accident, so I'm curious how it will play out too. Drama already.
46m 20s ago
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photoTANDGIGI46 hope everyone had a wonderful sexy weekend. BF was sick so played naughty nurse . Down time today with family and friends. I have a SM cuming tomorrow, so wish me luck. Hope he shows up !
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photoNAUGHTYKNOTTY Waaaa... weekends go by too fast!! ;-(
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photoJACKANDJILL Yes they do and it takes so long to get to the next one ;)~
5h 50m 4s ago
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photoDJHOTTIE Check out the booty call. We are still looking to have some fun today.
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photoGOODKNIGHTLIFE1 You could be our favorite BUNNY if you weren't so far away! :-)
4h 10m 11s ago
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photoEANDME69U Pretty don't win games.Hard work,determination,and composure won it. GO BIG BLUE.
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photoPLAYALOVERS Great game but way too nerve racking, especially when they don't serve alcohol at the game. We would prefer a little larger margin next weekend!! LOL Go CATS!!!
6h 12m 8s ago
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photoGOODKNIGHTLIFE1 They won't have the huge heighth advantage when they play Wisconson this week. It should be an awesome game!
4h 19m 28s ago
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photoTROPHYNGOLF Let's have another game like the West Virginia game!! Go Cats!!
3h 51m 29s ago
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photoMMMBRINGIT But they have speed and all of us cat fans as a sixth BBN!!!
24m 45s ago
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photoPEARLJAM Thank you Columbus, as usual you were a wonderful host.
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photoLANDM15 A naked hello
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photoSILKNIGHTS Good afternoon freaks and kinks! The speeding ticket on the way home last night from Club NV was worth it; we had a great time and can't wait to go back.
We hope everyone else has had a great weekend thus far. We will have the weekly events posted later on today in the Silk Nights group and on FB after our photo shoot.
And hopefully Paul and Ann get a chance to get our group post issue fixed. Have a Sinful Sunday everyone!

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photoFREESPIRIT Good morning all of you seductive wallers :)
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photoDOCFRIES Happy Sunday...another day of windows and doors opened...sun shining...nice 70's weather...great to run around with minimal on...pool beckons as well as the warmth of the sun...Have a great day no matter what YOU do...make it so
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photoNAUGHTY1S Good morning wallers! Will it ever warm up? Hope you enjoy your day. ; )
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photoTOKOOL454 Hello to all. Once again my wife and I were stood up by markmanIA69. This guy sends us a message, telling us that he is all ready to go. A couple of hours before he is to meet my wife. So my sexy hot wife. Gets all dressed up, and looking sexy as hell if I do say myself. This dude not only dose not show up. This sharp fellow blocks us from sending any messages. The only reason we even cought that part was we went to send a email,letting him know that Mary as normal was running a little late. And the mail would jump to the next email. That has never happened to us before so we did not know what the hell was going on. THEN WE GOT IT. LOL POOR GUY. Maybe he needs his mommy to hold his hand. Not sure. But GOD BLESS him.
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photoLOOKING4U2009 Or maybe his wife/GF caught him in the act? Got cold feet? TO block you shows he was scared? Hard to say and wont know unless he puts on his big boy pants and explains to you what happened.
15h 12m 31s ago
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photoANDYBECKI We need a group or a no-show invalidated. We stopped even chatting with unpaid members and we look closely at validations. I don't get it. My favorite is the guys that want you to text them or send an email. We use this site for a reason, pay the money and we will know your serious about meeting people and not just trolling for pictures. If they would show up maybe they could be IN the pictures. Reality VS fantasy which is better
13h 5m 17s ago
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photoINDYGOCOUPLE pretty sad, you take all the risk, make the arrangements and markmanIA69 stands you up. Totally agree there should be an invalidation, instead of a check, a big red X. How bout a group called Stood up by? I'd hate to see calling someone out but you're saving someone else the disappointment of this bad trend.
12h 26m 41s ago
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photoTANDGIGI46 Sometimes i wonder if its just a game the SM play ? a sick twisted game. They like to see and count how many people they can get to meet them and then don't show up ? ..... ? like back in the old days when a guy would hand out his number to girls , just to see how many would take it . A contest . Then the number is fake ! .
9h 18m 36s ago
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photoTRYME69 Maybe SOME sm play that game, but this one doesn't. Heard some cpls also pull that vanishing trick as have had it done to me.
8h 14m 29s ago
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photoTROPHYNGOLF Go Big Blue!!! 38 - 0!!!
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photoTRYEVERTHINGONCE Yes yes yes go Blue
22h 47m 56s ago
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photoHOTTNHORNY4FUN Only 2 more until number 9!
20h 31m 0s ago
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photoDOCFRIES an edge of your seat game...on to the final four...wooohoo
12h 30m 29s ago
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photoCHULITASOL Anything going on good tonight, Sophie out of town and Andre ready to hit the town. Ready to join a couple or single lady...lets take pics and or video so I can show Sophie when she returns...looking for a wild night.
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photoKJLHHI does any one know why I keep getting booted off this site just wondering if anyone else computer locks up while on here
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photoCEBUTIME No we have not experienced your problem, but you might want to send a E-Mail to Paul the owner and he will look into it and see if he can assist you.
1 Day(s) 1h 38m 10s ago
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photoTOKOOL454 No never been kicked off at all. This has been a very good site. For real. My wife and I really do like it.
21h 57m 46s ago
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photoKJLHHI thanks for the responeses
15h 54m 49s ago
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photoMANDMJ4REAL Hotel Party time! If you know us... you know what kind of a party we have. let us know if you want to attend.
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photoTOKOOL454 Where at? My wife just got stood up.
21h 56m 36s ago
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photoDAYTONOHIO3439 Happy Sexy Saturday! Sinday Tonight!
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photoREDMAN1  I need something or someone... to do tonight.
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photoINDYANA Headed to Reel tonight with some friends! Cum say hello if you see us :)
1 Day(s) 5h 22m 18s ago -    Only show posts by this user

photoKINKYDEVILS Working on having a empty house so who all would be interested in coming over for some drinks and whatever follows
1 Day(s) 5h 30m 36s ago -    Only show posts by this user

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