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Southern Indiana Swingers Clubs - 6/3/2008 2:11:00 AM

Southern Indiana Swingers Clubs
Swingers Clubs in Owensville and Evansville, Indiana

Evansville and Owensville Indiana clubs are close to Henderson, KY near the Indiana and Kentucky borders which makes it a comfortable drive from cities like Mt. Vernon, Indiana and Owensburg and Paducah, KY
Owensville, Indiana 
Phone: 812-215-0079
Quietly tucked away in Southern Indiana, Club Escapades has become the place to be for all who enjoy the atmosphere of a nightclub, a private party, and a fantasy realized all in one location. Surrounded by other like-minded committed adult couples and single women, Club Escapades offers parties every Saturday night.
We are the only on-premise private club in Southern Indiana. 
We also welcome all lifestyles, example, BDSM, There is something for everyone at this club, but remember couples only. Some of our amenities include:
* Dance floor with DJ
* 8 Private rooms * 2 open rooms
* New Sound System
* Swing
* New Air Hockey
* Overnight accomadations
* Foose Ball Table
* Private showers
* Two Large Double rooms
* Appetizer buffet
* Stage with Dance Pole
* Dartboard
* Sitting area
* Big screen TV
* Plenty of parking available
* Smoking permitted in public areas
* Parking Lot video security system
* Hot tub
New members always welcome, but all new members must call for an interview (812-215-0079). We validate couples by talking to both you and your partner, so make sure you're both present.  
Evansville, Indiana 
Club 201 is a private banquet club that requires membership.  Theme parties like Naughty School Girl Night, Halloween, Wet T-shirt, Leather and Lace, St. Patrick's Day and more are held at Club 201.  If you are a swinger in Southern Indiana or the surrounding areas of Southern Illinois or northern Kentucky, then you might want to check out Club 201. 

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