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Central and Western Pennsylvania Swingers Clubs - 7/22/2008 10:17:00 PM

Swingers Clubs in Pennsylvania

2620 Susquehanna Trail  
Newport, PA 17074-8217 
Phone: (717) 737-6204 
TJ's Lasting Impressions is the largest, hottest and most luxurious lifestyles club in Central Pennsylvania - with memberships available for both couples and singles. TJ's offers a large unique night club atmosphere, combined with a contemporary flare, where you will have the opportunity to meet others who share in the same interests and to develop new friendships. 
TJ's Lasting Impressions is an on premises swingers club. The alcohol is BYOB. There are 12 party rooms and 10 VIP suites for overnight stays. They even claim to have the largest hot tub in Pennsylvania. It will accommodate 80 ... that is right eighty (80) people in one hot tub. If you get a little hungry, then check out their 1,100 square foot dining area. 
If you are looking for an on premises swingers club in central Pennsylvania that has it all, then check out TJ's. 
Gettysburg, PA 
Phone: (717)334-0882  
The Cottage rests in a sleepy village near historic Gettysburg, PA. Since its move from Maryland to PA in 1989, it has become a legend within the lifestyle community.  
Guests at this exciting lifestyle wonderland can expect to experience all of the established and exciting traditions that have made The Cottage the place to return to again and again: seductive theme rooms, multiple party rooms, a great buffet, limited setups at the BYOB bar, as well as a slick DJ and party-till-you-drop- entertainment programs that are hot and sexy.  
Williamsport, PA 
Randy and Kathy plan meet and greets at various locations in the Susquehanna Valley area. Check their website for more information on upcoming events. 
Johnstown, PA 
Phone: 814-467-7766 
Toll Free: 888-717-7766
Leonard and Teresa are the hosts for The Adult Travel Club.  They have set up arrangements with a local hotel to host off premises swinger parties there.  The hotel features a private lounge with pool table, indoor swimming pool and discounts on room rates.  The party is BYOB, which saves you lots of money.  The Adult Travel Club provides a safe and no pressure place to meet other swingers. They have other swingers events including the Thunder in the Valley bike run in Johnstown, PA.
Brier Hill, PA
Phone: Tom 724-246-8012 or Debbie 724-557-1106  
The Mountain Retreat is a relaxing and no pressure on premises swingers club.  They feature a dance floor, group and private play rooms, outdoor swimming pool and indoor hot tub.  It is BYOB.  So whether you want to relax by the pool, fish in the fishing pond or have some sexual fun, The Mountain Retreat is your place.  Got a bike or motorcycle?  The Mountain Retreat has regular bike runs, including the Thunder in the Valley ride in Johnstown, PA. 
Beaver Falls, PA 
Phone: (412) 519-8608 
DJ's Island is an on premises swingers club. The alcohol is BYOB. In addition to swingers parties, they have regular bike runs. Check out their website for details on upcoming bike runs and parties.
DJ's Island is a "unique" and exquisite addition to the lifestyle environment in Western Pennsylvania, where you will have the opportunity to meet others who share in the same interests and to develop new friendships. Upon entering, you will be welcomed at our reservation desk for a no pressure evening of excitement. Couples, as well as singles, are welcome. New members will be given a tour of our new facilities by the host couple. A full staff is available from a doorman to waitresses to someone that will make sure all the rooms are clean and ready to be occupied. DJ's will take great pride in making sure that everyone who comes to our club will want to return again. DJ's Island is owned and operated by Jim and Debbie, who have taken all the good things from other clubs and put them all together under 8500 square feet of area 

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