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Swingers Clubs in San Jose - 2/12/2008 10:13:00 AM

San Jose Swingers Clubs

This is a list of swingers clubs in San Jose and Fremont.
P. P. Party Productions
P.O.Box 1171
Fremont, CA 94538
Primal Pleasure Party is a series of different venues catering to the wide and varied desires of the Lifestyle community. They range from free public Lifestyle Meet-and-Greets, to private local group parties, to weekend trips to various clubs around the country. For 'newbies', our popular Meet-and-Greets cater to people who are curious about the Lifestyle and are looking for a venue to explore what it is all about. These are great for meeting others who are new to the Lifestyle scene or have many years of experience in a comfortable and warm public setting. There is no cost involved and people can come and go as they please. Usually they are held in quiet and cozy hotel lobbies where there is ample seating and low foot traffic. Our hosted parties are for those who have experience in the Lifestyle and are looking for unique venues to play. These events are usually private and have limited attendance. If you are looking to explore some of your primal desires and fantasies, these are the events to attend! We occasionally organize trips to clubs not local to the San Francisco Bay Area. Perfect for those with the inclination to explore how the Lifestyle differs in various parts of the country.  
Location: San Jose, CA 
Exclusively produced for select- couples and single ladies, Sugar offers an alluring atmosphere in which our guests can meet, mingle and connect with an emphasis on sensuality. We are an on-premise party that fosters a non-threatening environment tailored for those who are comfortable with their lifestyle. Our members are classy, intelligent, in their mid 20's to mid 40's, and very good looking.
Sugar is by invitation only... to ensure a select- group of guests, we build our members by selecting couples and single ladies that are committed to maintaining a sexy, yet respectful, atmosphere. We adhere to the old adage of Quality, not quantity. We will never sacrifice our standards for increased membership numbers.
Our soiree's are erotically charged evenings delivered in a very sexy environment featuring many private play rooms, state of the art sound system, out door patios, and 2 Jacuzzi tubs. The evenings begin with cocktails of your choice, mingling with other members in a very relaxed environment. The party moves to a sexier mood around midnight, and members are encouraged to engage in whatever fantasy they have, as long as consenting adults are involved. Typically, we have 30-40 select- couples attending, mixed with single ladies.  Sorry gents, you'll have to have a date in order to attend.
Sugar is delivered once a month by a host couple that simply enjoys playing with upscale couples.  Basically, we love giving back, and Sugar is our way of contributing to the ever expanding community. The parties are for our enjoyment as well as yours.  With that said, we hope to meet you soon.
Location: San Jose, CA
Phone: 408-826-4499 

Welcome to Blondy's Swing Club in San Jose, California. This is a private club for  35 and up.
Come meet new faces and make new friends. Large play room 15x20 feet, big screen TV, massage room with aroma candles and oils, exotic music, and showers.  Private rooms for 3 to 4 people.  Outside, above ground, swimming pool (B.Y.O.T.)  Coming soon large private play tent in backyard.  If you have DVDS
that you want to share please bring them.

Day swing is during the week from  noon to 4:30pm.  Please call to find out what days are available and the dress code.  Rules:  When somone says no they mean no. If you come as a couple you must leave as a couple. No smoking inside club, no drugs of any kind. Park only on long side of street, not in front of  location.  Come express your fantasy and enjoy the feast (B.Y.O.B.)  Reserve your ticket now.  You must pick up tickets 48 hours before Satuday night party.  ASAP Call to make arangements with Blondy
Location: San Jose, CA
Phone: 877.493.6880 x 408
We host events for swingers and people who have a lifestyle friendly mind set.  We offer a fun and safe place for couples and single women to meet.  Our events offer a respectful and comfortable approach to meeting people face to face.
All group events can vary in location from clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, a ship/boat, an island, or even a state or country.  We like to mix things up and make it fun. 
Location: San Jose, CA 
Dream of an atmosphere where you can meet others that are like-minded.  Dream of an atmosphere where music, sensuality and open-minded people come together.  Dream of a secluded and stylish location where you can explore your sexuality in a safe and no pressure venue. Dream of a place to go where you won’t be judged for who you are or what you do. Dream of a place where open and honest relationships are promoted.
Tangerine’s Dream is unlike anything you have experienced. It is a real Lifestyle Club where our members come together in a thoughtfully designed setting for enjoyment of a sophisticated and erotic nature.
Our members take pleasure in meeting new people and enjoy the atmosphere which only Tangerine’s Dream can deliver. 
The group is eclectic.  We have found that a person’s attitude, love for life and variety is what really makes a great person not "just" great looks and perfect shapes. Each party is different, with its own flavor. If you bring an open mind to meeting people and having a good time, you will want to come back.
Tangerine’s Dream is NOT ordinary, stuffy, cheesy, aggressive, a free for all, your usual nightclub, or a club full of gawking single guys.
We have a couple-centric attitude.
What is a couple-centric attitude?  We focus on relationships with open and honest communication.   We provide an atmosphere of respect. We believe that the couple decides what is best for them and their relationship. We encourage communication between the couple before, during, and after the party.  We also encourage open and honest communication with others at the party, including single men and women.

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