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Dallas Swingers Clubs - 3/26/2008 10:50:00 AM

Swingers Clubs in Dallas Texas

This is a list of swingers clubs in Dallas, TX.
Location: Dallas, TX 
Phone: 469-621-2468 
The 13th Floor is Dallas' most exciting on-premise swinger's group. Open Friday and Saturday evenings year round, with special parties for couples, single ladies and select- single men. Come visit us and see the exciting new look at The 13th Floor, brought to you by your hosts Bruce & Vicki.

The 13th Floor is located just minutes from downtown Dallas and offers the very finest in on premise entertainment. You'll love the open area with its dance floor, comfortable seating area with fireplace. The bar features secure bottle storage and setups.

Dance the night away with your partner, soak in the hot tub, join in the erotic activities,  or simply enjoy the sensual atmosphere.
Location: Dallas, TX 
Velvet Curtain is a private on-premise social for single women and couples who are active in or curious about the swinging lifestyle. Our parties are a great venue for people of like-mind to meet in a safe, friendly and eclectic atmosphere. All events are BYOB, however we offer drink set-up’s and titillating treats.
Location: 1055 Regal Row, Suite 1200 Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: (214) 920-2438 during our business hours  
To leave a Voice Mail: (214) 920-2172 nbsp;
We are located on the 12th floor Penthouse of a local hotel at the Northwest intersection of Highway 183 and Regal Row, One mile East of Texas Stadium and six miles Northwest of downtown Dallas.
We have a skyline view of downtown Dallas and surrounding areas. Entrance to the club can be from the skywalk, located on the third level of the covered parking garage, leading directly to the elevator (PH), which will take you up to the nightclub.
The Sans Souci is a full-service nightclub with bar and wait staff (No BYOB) We are open Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm to 2am (Everyone welcome). (*) Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 2am (Couples and Unescorted Ladies Only).
* We are open on the Second Friday of the month to everyone 21 & over for our Open House  
2438 Walnut Ridge 
Dallas, TX 75007 
Phone: 972-567-2189 
XXXPLORE YOUR FANTASIES Let Your Fantasies take you to the OUTER LIMITS.
Just because THE OUTER LIMITS is a Lifestyle Club, You do not need to be in the Lifestyle to have fun.
The Outer Limits club is a great place to host your next meet and greet or special event.
3136 Routh Street
Dallas Texas 75201 
Phone: 214-720-4475 (Thursday or Friday nights for reservation) 
Started in 1971, Jet Set club is the longest running clubs of its type still in operation in the United States. Jet Set is a private "Off-Premise" Lifestyels club (Off-Premise means that no sexual conduct normally associated with the lifestyle is actually allowed within the club itself). We are primarily here as a meeting place for discreet couples who wish to find like-minded couples/individuals in a comfortable atmosphere without pressure or commitment.
We try to maintain a fun a relaxing environment which allows our guests to more easily seek out and find the types of people they are most interested in getting together with. We do also have a number of regular couples and single women who come here just to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a regular night club without all of the phony facade found in the "Meat Market" type venues. This is truly a place for the more mature minded.
Because Jet Set caters to the lifestyle, admittance on Friday and Saturday nights is restricted to couples and unescorted ladies only. This helps to both preserve the intended purpose of Jet Set as well as eliminate any issues of misbehavior amongst single guests thus maintaining the comfortable atmosphere of the club.
The Jet Set is 3600 square feet of fun, and provides 2 full-service bars conveniently located within the club. It also offers a dance floor and the best mix of modern and classic music. Seating consists of small (2 person) and large (4+ person) tables, booths for parties of 4-6+ and individual stools surrounding both bars. On Friday and Saturday nights there is a DJ (Richard) to take requests and to keep things hopping, and valet parking for your convenience. The staff is friendly, courteous and always willing to help.  
Dallas, TX 
Phone: 435-514-4995 leave voice mail 
DFW Sexual Freedom is the Lifestyle Social Club for the parent organization Distinctive Lifestyle Inc*. It is an alternative lifestyle group of REAL people who meet monthly for MILD n WILD EVENTS. These events focus on the LIFE (Fun) portion of the lifestyle as well as the STYLE. We enjoy MILD activities like camping, boating, dinner, movies, concerts and various other "normal" activities along with the WILD activities at members’ homes or local party houses. DFW Sexual Freedom is an exclusive, private membership club created by a Lifestyle couple and operated by the members and maintained by a Board of Directors elected from the general membership. Please click on Membership Application if you are interested in membership. 
Dallas, TX 
Phone: 586-215-4260 
Welcome to the Bi-Wives Club, the best resource for bisexual females and their partners. We currently host KICK ASS swinger parties in a few different states and are always looking for new people to host a swinger party in their home town. Our focus is to bring you some KICK ASS parties designed to cater to those in the lifestyle.  
We will handle all online promotions and listings for a Bi-Wives Event or a co-hosted event. Contact us at if you are interested. This is a great opportunity for other groups to benefit from the great name and reputation we have built at the Bi-Wives Club for throwing some KICK ASS parties. If you would like to promote within the swinger community for your next event, contact us anytime.  
10821 Composite Drive 
Dallas, TX 75220 
Phone: 972-323-1100 
Enjoy the hottest, sexiest, most fun-filled nights of your life in the elegant surroundings of Dallas' and Houston's finest Couples-Only Lifestyle Club.
Dance, Play or Just Watch! 
Available for Private Parties! 
Mix and mingle at the bar and on the dance floor. Fantastic lighting and great music played by our live DJ really gets the mood going. Then move to a beautiful, dimly lit cozy area with comfortable couches in plush surroundings.
Bring your favorite wine, beer or liquor and we'll supply the rest. Soda, juices & set-ups are available from our friendly bartenders and servers. Bar Information
Most nights we have a fun theme or contest to make things even more interesting.  
Dallas, TX 
Velvet Curtain is a private on-premise social for single women and couples who are active in or curious about the swinging lifestyle. Our parties are a great venue for people of like-mind to meet in a safe, friendly and eclectic atmosphere. All events are BYOB, however we offer drink set-up’s and titillating treats.  

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