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Tennessee Swingers Clubs - 6/13/2008 3:15:00 PM

Swingers Clubs in Tennessee
Tennessee Swingers Clubs in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Columbia, Maryville and Alcoa.

Knoxville, TN 
Phone: 865-456-3776 
*Professional DJ, playing the top tunes. Large dance floor.
*B.Y.O.B. - Non Alcoholic beverages and snacks provided.
*Dress to impress! No ball caps, torn/tattered jeans or shirts, flannel shirts, nor sneakers allowed.
*Must be 21 to enter and play! Valid photo ID required.  
Babes Lounge (Inside Howard Johnson Hotel) 
7621 Kingston Pike 
Knoxville, TN, 37919 
Babes is a lounge located inside Howard Johnson's Hotel, across from West Town Mall. It is NOT a Swinger's bar, but several go there. Most of them sit in the back right corner. There is a dance floor, a live band, and no cover charge. 
Alcoa, TN 
Phone: 270-566-1310 
We are a private off-premise club that gets together on the 3rd Saturday night of every month for a meet & greet, erotic dance party for couples. Rendezvous parties take place in a large private banquet room that is beautifully decorated to theme. 
The parties are BYOB, but there are always plenty of setups, ice, juices, water, and coffee at the drink tables. We keep the snack bar loaded with an assortment of finger foods, fruit and vegetable trays, chips, dips and a variety of snacks for your pleasure. Entertainment is provided by a professional DJ who is eager to please and is open to special requests, and there's the occasional get to know you games introduced by our hosts.  
Our membership covers all of East Tennessee as well as members from Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and West Virginia.
Basement Location: 
1028 Williamson Chapel Road 
Maryville, Tenn., 37801  
Phone: 865-898-8098 or 865-856-5784 (Call this number after 8pm on party nights)  
DESTINY DANCE SOCIALS is open to All adult couples, single females and males. I will be open on Saturday nights for your adult entertainment and enjoyment. Each dance social is BYOB, but set-ups are always provided, along with fingerfoods, assorted chips, assorted dips, and new assorted Salsas.
701 Drexel Street 
Nashville, TN 37203 
Phone: 615-742-3705 
Menages is located in the heart of downtown Nashville.  It consists of over 10,000 square feet of night club bars, dance floors, cocktail areas, lounges, social areas and two outside decks. Our dynamic Master of Ceremonies drive's the party into full gear along with our two highly regarded resident DJ's who spin Top 40 hits of today and yesterday. The atmosphere is electric, exiting and provocative!  
Menages members range from their early twenties to the late forties' and beyond, coming from every profession and interest, from all over the country and overseas. They are personable, sophisticated, fun loving and have a sincere interest in the "lifestyle". 
Menages does not provide any liquor. You may bring your own (BYOB). We provide mixers (coke, diet coke, sprite, orange juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, bloody mary, soda water, tonic water, bottled water, iced tea), ice and buckets.  
700 Division Street
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-244-2438 for The Social Club
Phone: 615 255-7244 for The Joy Mansion  
TSC is a private club where open-minded singles and couples come to explore their fantasies or simply enjoy the adventurous atmosphere. We've been hosting parties in Nashville, Tennessee since 1980. TSC is a member of NASCA, the Free Speech Coalition, and is an Equal Opportunity Lifestyle Organization.  
We provide a discreet, relaxed atmosphere where you can be as open or as private as you desire. We do have 8 private rooms, a couple of group areas, and a couples only room. 
The Social Club is opening a Swingers Club in East Tennessee catering to Single Men, Women  and Couples. We are part of TSC in Nashville. (founded in 1980).  At this Time we plan to have Monthly Socials/Dances in the Knoxville / Tri City Area. We also have Special House Parties in the Gatlinburg Area. 
Columbia, TN 
The Eighth House presents on-premise lifestyle events in Columbia, TN. All parties are hosted by a live DJ with food and drink mixers provided. Alcoholic beverages and specialty food items may be brought and are encouraged. We promote a very safe and fun environment where attendees can be themselves and enjoy the company of others in the lifestyle. Couples and singles are welcome, but we do ask that you contact us for directions and to let us know who you are.

The house is two stories with a modern, open floor plan and several play rooms including private rooms, a voyeur area, a group room, a "girls only" play room (no guys allowed), and more. Ladies are encouraged to bring lingerie and other sexy attire to change into. Men will remain respectful at ALL times. As always, no means no and all proper etiquette must be followed. Those that are unable to follow proper etiquette will be politely escorted out and will not be able to return, no exceptions.
1464 Bartlett Rd
Memphis, TN 
Phone: 901-266-4747 
The Treehouse is the largest, most elite, private club in Memphis for distinctive open-minded couples and singles, 21 years of age and older.  
The Tree has 5500 sq. ft of flirty, sensual, seductive atmosphere. While the club is Off Premises, (no sex, no nudity) you do have more freedom to express yourself than at regular clubs.  
The club is BYOB with soft drinks, juices and water provided free. You may bring your own cooler or use our buckets provided with ice.  
3035 Directors Row 
Building E Suite 2172
Memphis, TN
There are no strangers here just friends we have not met yet. We do not sell any alcoholic beverages, you may BYOB or beer. We do provide setups, water and some snacks. We can also accommodate other events or parties such as receptions, anniversaries, bachelor parties and other special occasions.
Our number one concern is you, our audience. We want to provide a pressure free environment to enhance your ability to socialize, dance or just kick back and relax if that's your desire. Most importantly we are here to make sure you enjoy the evening. Socializing and meeting new and exciting people is what our club is about. Let us be the icebreakers if you wish. We will make any introduction requested, you just need to ask and we will assist.  

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Posted on - 12/26/2008 3:20:00 PM

Posted by - Paul n Sondra

Links to The Eighth House are broken....Plus it cannot be found in using a search engine.

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